International Undergraduate Program (IUP) full degree programs are divided into two programs namely:

  1. International Business Management program (Accredited A)
  2. International Accounting & Finance (Accredited A)

The duration for completing the full degree program is 3,5 years to 4 years of full study at Undiknas. The degree for the programs would be Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.) or equivalent to Bachelor of Management for International Business Management program and Sarjana Akuntansi (S.Ak.) or equivalent to Bachelor of Accounting for International  Accounting & Finance.


The International Business Management Bachelor Program provides opportunities for careers with a focus on graduates who are qualified in:

  1. International entrepreneurship
  2. International business and marketing
  3. Human Capital and Leadership
  4. Professional managers with the implementation of strategic
    global leadership

The curriculum material has been adapted to current conditions, which follow the dynamics of global competition that requires entrepreneurship skills based on information and communication technology as well as the latest issues in management so that graduates are able to adapt and innovate to face global challenges.


The International Accounting and Finance Bachelor Program projects graduates who are professionally qualified in international managerial and financial accounting. In this study program, students learn accounting and entrepreneurship, which are sustainability-oriented and spiritually based on technology, so that graduates are able to become practitioners in the field of accounting and are also capable of becoming reliable entrepreneurs. Graduates of this International Class Program will also be born into:

  1. Professional Business Accountants

  2. International Accountants

  3. Financial Analysts


For foreign students who want to join the Full-degree Scholarship program, there are several things that need to be considered. Free tuition scholarships are awarded to foreign students who achieved the following criteria:

  1. Graduated from Senior High School or the equivalent school;

  2. Having a school passing score;

  3. Physically and mentally healthy;

  4. Age is not greater than 40 years;

  5. Having an English Proficiency Test;

  6. Having a passing score of the written test;

  7. Having a passing score of the interview test.

This scholarship program awarded to the qualified foreign students is free tuition fee while pursuing their study in the undergraduate program of Undiknas University meaning that this program is fully funded scholarship.


There are several documents that need to be included by foreign students, as follows:

  1. Scan of ID Card;
  2. Scan of Passport;
  3. High School Certificate;
  4. Transcript;
  5. English Proficiency Test(TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or the equivalent);
  6. Motivation Letter.

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