Short Course Program

Undiknas University offers a 1-3 month International Business Management and International Accounting & Finance Program for foreign students, allowing them to study with experienced lecturers and a diverse group of classmates. Students can choose which subjects to pursue, and all courses will be recognized by their home universities.


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Benefits of Short Course Program

  1. Diverse Learning Experience: Short course covers specialized topics or skills, allowing students to delve deeply into a subject of interest. This focused approach ensures a concentrated learning experience that can enhance their knowledge and skills in a shorter time frame.

  2. Specialized Skills: Students can gain practical and industry-relevant skills that can make them more competitive when entering the workforce.

  3. Exploration of Interests: Short Course program provides an opportunity for students to explore new subjects or areas of interest that may not be covered in their regular academic curriculum. This can lead to personal and intellectual growth.

  4. Networking: This program creates an excellent environment for networking, allowing students to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions.

  5. Cultural Immersion: It includes the opportunity to learn about Balinese culture where students are exposed to a rich and unique heritage. They can gain insights into the customs, traditions, art, music, and rituals that make Balinese culture distinctive.

  6. Global Perspective: Studying Balinese culture can broaden students’ global perspective by exposing them to a different way of life and thought. This cultural understanding can foster tolerance, empathy, and cross-cultural communication skills.